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Click to enlarge George Goddard Ltd are committed to helping to protect the environment, and regularly assess our environmental and social impacts of our trading activities. We will continue to promote efficient use of resources and materials throughout our daily trading by continuing with our measures on key areas such as the following commitments:
The use of energy efficient lighting.
Personnel are encouraged to conserve energy and water.
Packaging: We endeavour to limit our use of polythene packing, and in the main, re-use paper or cardboard packaging where possible. We dispose of any damaged or unsuitably sized cardboard and paper safely through recycling.
Paper: We have never been wasteful with any of our consumables, and with the evolve of technology we are finding our use of paper is diminishing. When possible, we endeavour to dual-side print over separate sheets.
Fabric: We have always endeavoured to create as little waste as possible by re-using offcuts of cloth or fabric for garment repairs, and larger offcuts for making headwear. When pricing customer orders we factor in the nearest quantities of cloth and fabric required per garment, so we receive very little waste. If there is surplus cloth from the making of garments generally customers will keep such pieces in case of repairs in the future. We also occasionally donate small offcuts of cloth to local sewing hobbyists for the making of items, which helps to reduce our holding of smaller surplus pieces.
Transport: We endeavour to keep our business journeys to an absolute minimum, but when we are required to travel we plan our journeys to take in several appointments on the same trip, or use other modes of transport such as trains when it is viable to do so.
Deliveries: With our supply chains, we request in bulk where possible, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint caused by distribution channels.
Charity & other support: We continue to donate or raise money for select local charities, and show support for local campaigns such as Love Norfolk Hate Litter.
Ongoing Commitment:
George Goddard Ltd are fully committed to our principles of environmental and social responsibility, and we will continue to asses such responsibilities as an ongoing review, any new responsibilities which might arise, and endeavour to make improvements where possible throughout the future of our trading.
David Goddard - Managing Director, George Goddard Ltd
Date: 12/08/2019

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